Biotronik Lunch Session


How Innovation Plays a Part in Improving your Day-to-day Workload 


Faculty: Dr. Ron Waksman, Israel , Dr. Eli Lev, Israel 

Panelists: Dr. Ezri Rozenbaum, Israel  , Dr. Vladimir Turkisher, Israel 



12:40: Introduction

Dr. Eli Lev, Israel


12:43: BA Polymer DES in high risk patients
Dr. Juan F. Iglesias, Switzerland


12:55: Complex ORSIRO STEMI case
Dr. Ariel Roguin, Israel


13:07: Complex ORSIRO MVD case
Dr. Abid Assali, Israel


13:19: What magnesium scaffold will bring us in the future
*BIOSOLVE overview
*DREAMS recorded case

Dr. Jacques Koolen, The Netherlands


13:37: Take-Home Messages

Dr. Ron Waksman, USA

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