Alexandre A. Abizaid
-Another Valve Another Access

-Bleeding Risk and 1-Month DAPT: Can Leaders Free Shift the Paragigm?

Susan Alpert
Regulatory Pathways For Your Device

Yaaqov Amsalem
Interventional Treatment of Ischemic Stroke In Israel – Where are we? Where are we Headed?

Frank R. Arko
-New Mechanical Thrombectomy Tool for Arterial and Venous Clot Management – Moving to Single Session Therapy

-The Crux® Vena Cava Filter

Samuel J. Asirvatham
Anatomy for the Implanter: What You Need to Know



Ronen Beeri
Left Atrial Stem Cells: Possible Therapy

Jonathan Behar
The Future of CRT : Personalised Medicine

Amir Belson
-Novel Therapeutic Hypothermia Technology

-The Emboline Pro-Sheath dual-access aortic embolic protection

Nadav Ben-Haim
Innovation Strategy Within Rambam Health Care Campus

Eric Berreklouw
Sutureless Mitral and Tricuspid Clamp Valves
Simple non-stent annular attachment

Michael Böhm
-Drug Variability in Hypertension Investigation and Summary of SPYRAL HTN Global Clinical Trial Program

-State of the Art of Drug Therapy in Heart Failure -What is still missing?

Todd J. Brinton
Needs Assessment Methods




Ehud Dafni
Game changing solution for cardiac disease management

Michael D. Dake
-TEVAR – Future Directions

-ZIlver PTX: a Global Data Overview of a Drug Eluting Stent for Femoropopliteal Disease

Haim Danenberg
CoreValve Update 2015: Revolution and evolution

Matthieu De Beule
Patient-Based Cardiovascular Device Simulations: your guide from Bench to Bed


Katie Ellias
Current Trends in Cardiovascular Innovations and Investments and What VCs are Looking For



Yair Feld
Innovative solutions for the treatment of Heart Failure



Gary Gershony
Percutaneous Retrieval of a SAPIEN XT Acutely Dislodged into the Left Ventricle

Robert Julian Gil
-“Simple” LCX ostial lesion treatment complicated with consecutive dissections

-Comparative analysis of clinical results for dedicated bifurcation drug eluting stents BiOSS® (Expert vs Lim) and regular DES based on POLBOS I and II randomized studies

Jaffer Golzar
Real Time OCT Guidance for Therapeutic Intraluminal Revascularization

Israel Gotsman
Type II Pulmonary Hypertension: Pulmonary Hypertension due to Left Heart Disease

Tommaso Gori
Lessons learned from the European Experience

William A. Gray
New Data to Shape the Era of Drug Elution in Peripheral Interventions

Eberhard Grube
Development of a TMVR Device Challenge to Innovators



David Hasdai
Continuous, High-Quality, Non-Obtrusive 12/15-Lead ECG Monitoring

Tal M Horer
Adjuncts in EVAR: Aortic Balloon Occlusion and Onyx embolization



Paul A. Iaizzo
Testing Your Medical Device Idea: Bench Tests, Animal Tests, Clinical Trials and Regulatory Issues

Juan F. Iglesias
Bioabsorbable Polymer des in High-risk Patients



Andras Katona
Rotational atherectomy over retrograd wire in CTO PCIs

Sasko Kedev

Latest Technology in Treating Cx Lesions

Gad Keren
The Dekel delivery device for transapical mitral valve replacement

Robert Kieval
Baroreflex Activation Therapy: Integrated Autonomic Neuromodulation for Heart Failure and Hypertension

Wiebke Kurre
Thrombectomy with the pREset stent-retriever Insights from the ARTESp* trial



Timothy G. Laske
The Corporate View of Technology Assessment and Acquisitions

Jacob Lavee
Cardiac Assist Devices: What is there and what is missing?

Ignacio Leal
The role and benefits of the EN-ROUTE trans-cervical carotid stent system

Jonathon Leipsic
Lesion Specific Ischemia with FFRCT-   Current Data

Jonathan Leor
Novel E-selectin Binding Polymers Reduce Atherosclerotic Lesions In ApoE(-/-) Mice

Steven Levine
Development of a Human Heart Simulator through the Living Heart Project

Ofer Limon

David Luria
Lead Extraction UNMET NEEDS



Ehtisham Mahmud
-Robotic Percutaneous Vascular Intervention

-Surgical and Percutaneous Treatment of Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension

Francesco Maisano
-The Need for Safe Pericardial Access

-The Need for Effective and Safe Cardiac Arrhythmia Treatment

Michel S. Makaroun
-Evolution of Endografts for EVAR

-Durability of The Endurant Stent-Graft through 5 Years

Enrico Maria Marone
-Success Factors of DCB, Technical and Clinical Considerations

-The New Frontier of Planning in Complex Endovascular Aortic Repair: the 3D Printing       

Peter Mercelis
Review of medical 3D printing technology and its possible endovascular applications

Rene’ Milleret
How shall we treat varicose veins in 2025 ?

Piotr Musialek
-CGuard™ MicroNet-Covered Embolic Prevention Stent System A Game Changer in Carotid Revascularization

-My vision for transcatheter mitral valve repair or implantation



Eugenia Nikolsky
Non-pharmacological Strategies to Prevent Kidney Injury in Patients Undergoing Contrast Media Exposure

Amiram Nir
Pulmonary Hypertension Associated with Congenital Heart Disease



Semih Oktay
Early Feasibility IDE Study: Accessing FDA’s Innovative Regulatory Pathway to Accelerate Your Time to Market



Rod S. Passman
Implantable Monitors and Stroke Prevention

Avi Penner
InSeal Medical InClosure System Large Holes Vascular Closure Device

David Planer
-Makes the trek into a walking in the park

-The Chocolate Balloon

-Novel Total Arch Endograft: From Pre-clinical to First Human Study



Stan Rabinovich
From Dream to Reality: The PVT Story –  the Israeli connection

Vincent Riambau
Relay solutions for TEVAR extending into or near the aortic arch

Alex Rothman
Pulmonary Artery Denervation: Pre-Clinical and Early Clinical Studies

Martin T. Rothman
Drug Filled Stent Optical Coherence Tomography Results from RevElution Trial Stent Strut Coverage and Stent Apposition

Andrew Rubin
Healthcare Reform in the USA and the Potential Impact on Provider Reimnursement in the Changing Landscape

Ronen Rubinstein
Usefulness of New CT Technologies for Interventional Cardiovascular Procedures

Carlos E. Ruiz
-The HRT Mitral Bridge Technology for Functional MR

-Transcatheter Adjustable Complete Ring Annuloplasty for Mitral and Tricuspid Valve



Sean Salmon
New Technologies Are We Treating More Patients?

Ulrich Schaefer
-Left ventricular partitioning and percutaneous mitral valve repair as a new hybrid concept for patients with ischemic heart failure and severe mitral regurgitation 

-Sentinel ‘Filter Science’: Preventing irreversible cerebral infarction during contemporary TAVI procedures

Bruno Scheller
-DCB for Coronary ISR – Impact of Lesion Preparation

Laurent Sebagh
Novel Bio-Active Stent (BAS) coated with titanium-nitride-oxide (NO-particles) in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome

Amit Segev
-Current Limitations of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation

-Acute Stroke Interventions The Role of the Interventional Cardiologist

Li Shen
Short-term safety and efficiency of cryoablation for renal sympathetic denervation

Michael Shochat
-Non-invasive Lung IMPEDANCE-Guided Preemptive Treatment in Chronic Heart Failure Patients: a Randomized Controlled Trial (IMPEDANCE-HF trial)

-New Devices to Monitor Heart Failure and Reduce Hospitalizations

Horst Sievert
-Just Another Crazy TAVI Case…

-Endocardial Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion: Which Device for Which Patient?

Jan Skowronski
My Worst Clinical Trial Complications and their Management

Marvin J. Slepian      
SynCardia Total Artificial Heart: Pulsatile Flow and Status Update “Durable Value and Place in the Evolving
(Continuous Flow) MCS World”

Allen S. Stewart
Intra-Operative Rescue with Melody Valve

Gregg W.  Stone
Cangrelor: When and How Should We Use it?



Aly Talen
The impact of technology on clinical research: who benefits?l



Alec Vahanian
When is it too late to perform transcatheter mitral valve repair ?

Stefan Verheye
acWire™ Guidewire A dedicated guidewire for accurate valve positioning in TAVI

Peter Verschueren
3D Printing in Medicine: Now & Tomorrow  

Renu Virmani
A Pathologic Understanding of the Mitral Valve Complexities



Adam Witkowski
Outcome of TAVR in patients ≥ 90-year old

Wojtek Wojakowski
Transcatheter Perivascular Alcohol-Mediated Renal Denervation

Yongjian Wu
Current status and Challenges of TAVI in China