Mitralign Lunch Session


Tricuspid Regurgitation: Defining the

Problem and How to Treat It


Moderator: Yuval Binur


12:40-12:43: Opening Note
Yuval Binur 


12:43-12:55: Tricuspid Regurgitation in the Heart Failure Population
Stefan D. Anker, Gottingen, Germany


12:55- 13:01: From Mitralign to Trialign:  Converting a Mitral System into a Platform to Treat Both Mitral and Tricuspid Regurgitation
Rick Geoffrion, Tewksbury, MA, USA 


13:01- 13:13: Transcatheter Repair for Function Tricuspid Regurgitation, Early Experience
Azeem Latib, Milan, Italy 


13:13-13:25: Trialign for Tricuspid Repair, “Case in a Box”
Joachim Schofer, Hamburg, Germany 


13:25-13:40 Summary, Q&A 


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